5x LIGHTER than a typical guitar amp

As LOUD as your drummer

Set up in SECONDS

Premium TUBE sound

5x LIGHTER than a typical guitar amp

As LOUD as your drummer

Set up in SECONDS

Premium TUBE sound

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Welcome to a new era
of guitar amplifiers

With the help of a shape that nature has crafted and sustained from the earliest life forms until today, we designed a product that redefines what guitar amplifiers should look and feel like.

Amonito brings together boutique guitar effects, an incredible sounding tube amplifier, instant switching between presets and a perfect sound monitoring system all in one extremely light package.

All in

No longer you need to make a choice between the quality, warmth and ease of use of a true tube amplifier and the versatility and lightness of modern guitar systems.

Simple to use

Find the exact sound you hear in your head as quickly as possible. No menus and learning the manual, every knob is intuitive and simple, yet powerful.


The combination of carbon fibre body and an efficient neodymium speaker makes Amonito up to 5x lighter than a typical guitar amplifier.


With 200 watts of pure RMS power and a specially designed ported cabinet you will never have to worry about stage monitoring again.

Tube sound

We developed an adaptable high voltage circuit that centers around two vacuum tubes to make Amonito sound amazing.

The 300V powered amplifier is changing its structure in microseconds when you switch your presets or adjust parameters.


We merged the best of both worlds, analog and digital with the addition of DSP processing. Lush reverb, immersive delay and vibey chorus are just a small part of what this SHARC® powerhouse is computing at every moment of your playing.

Smart and programmable

Our smart processing is always working to bring you the optimum sound based on the settings selected, no more menu diving and confusing parameters - it just works. And when you really like a setting, you can assign it to a button effortlessly.


Thanks to specially developed capacitive touch displays every knob is where you found it at all times, so you can quickly see your settings and alter them just by touching the displays and rotating a knob - almost like a true vintage amplifier, only better.


Amonito offers many functions, including effects, different amplifiers, smart control and much more.


L x W x H:
58 x 47 x 16cm / 22.8" x 18.5" x 6.3"

- Carbon 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
- Classic 8 kg / 17.6 lbs


All the inputs and outputs you need for home practice, live performances or recording sessions.

Precision encoder

With 240 steps per revolution, you have the most precise and seamless control over every parameter.

Premium materials

When going for the ultimate guitar amp the quality was of utmost importance. This is why you will find premium materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass and aluminum everywhere on Amonito.




Fiberglass Chassis

8kg / 17.6lbs

Stereo Processing
Standard Tubes
Painted Aluminum Hardware


Carbon Fiber Chassis

6kg / 13.2lbs

Stereo Processing
Hand Selected Tubes
Nickel Plated Aluminum Hardware

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Podjetje Amonito d.o.o. je na javnem razpisu P2 uspešno pridobilo sofinanciranje za celosten razvoj kitarskega ojačevalskega sistema Amonito, ki na inovativen način rešuje probleme mase izdelka, hitrega preklopa nastavitev zvoka ter enostavne uporabe. Glavni namen in cilj operacije je razvoj inovativnega kitarskega ojačevalskega sistema, ki bo reševal ključne probleme današnjih aktivnih uporabnikov električne kitare, ter ima naslednje lastnosti:

Drastično zmanjšana teža v primerjavi s konkurenčnimi rešitvami, analogna obdelava zvoka, hiter preklop obsežnih nastavitev, zadostna odrska glasnost, enostavna uporaba

Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

Povezava na spletno stran EKP v Sloveniji: EU SKLADI